Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yoga Community, Lots & Yoga Retreats in Nicaragua - El Camino del Sol San Juan del Sur

Everyone who knows me knows I rarely align myself personally with any developer or development project in Nicaragua or Costa Rica. I am a buyer's agent who scouts the best properties for my clients, regardless of who owns the property or what the price point is. I do like to find the outliers, however, and tend to specialize in finding properties that are priced well below market comps in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

In any sense, I am genuinely impressed with the development, infrastructure, amenities and property management at El Camino del Sol in south west Nicaragua, just outside San Juan del Sur. The owner has really transformed a common finca into a community center and upscale development for people interested in quality of life, health, wellness, surfing and yoga. This community, though humble in its marketing, actually boasts the highest lots owned to houses built ratio in all of San Juan del Sur. Most developers sell a bunch of lots without anyone building anything, or in some cases, without any infrastructure at all. El Camino is quite the opposite. Not only are there 8 houses built in the small community, but there are also indoor/outdoor yoga spaces, a gourmet restaurant and coffee/tea spot with wireless internet, an impressive lap pool and swimming pool, lush gardens and landscaping, water, electricity, well-maintained roads and ambitious drainage and finishing touches to all construction.

Every day, young, lively local residents, expats and tourists frequent the development to drop in on a Nica Yoga class, eat at the restaurant, check their email or converse with friends and travelers. The short term and long term residents alike in the rental houses all feel at home and like a part of the greater San Juan del Sur community and coastal lifestyle.

Here are the specs on owning a coveted lot in El Camino del Sol by Mark Sullivan of Pro Nica Development.

ON SURFING: Great waves are basically as close to surf as the town of San Juan del Sur. Remanso is 10 min down the road to the south and Maderas is 15 min away to the north. After those there's several breaks within 25 min of here.

ON BUILDING: There is no building timeline requirement; however will consider granting a lot credit if someone builds right away.

ON CLOSING COSTS: Utilities are already installed and ready to go to each lot. Closing costs are usually less than 3k.

ON BUILDING REQUIREMENTS: There are no specific restrictions but there are CCRs for the community. Basically, the developers have the right to disapprove of any design that is structurally unsound or absolutely hideous. Other than building correctly and aesthetically, there are no restrictions on what folks can do. Building costs depend greatly on the materials used and finishings that go in eventually. We're looking at building methods that have us spending $35-40/ft2 with structurally sound natural building materials, as well as sustainable options.

ON OCEAN VIEWS: El Camino isn't best known for it's ocean views, while there are a few left with affordable price points.

ON LOT PRICES: Lot prices for 1/4 to 1 acre lots are average from $25-225k but at a much lower price per meter than San Juan del Sur just a click down the road.

ON HOA's: Association fees are $95/month and cover 24 hr security, maintenance of the common areas, internet, full time gardener, road maintenance, etc.

ON FINANCING: On a case by case basis, we would consider seller financing.

Here is another link to the amenities of El Camino del Sol.

For anyone who wants an affordable lot in a secure community close to the beach in San Juan del Sur, El Camino del Sol is for you!

They offer:


Homes and Construction Services

Vacation Rentals

Contact me for questions on buying or check out their website at and tell them Nica Chica sent you!

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