Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Where to Spend the Holidays in Nicaragua?

Wow ~ Gran Pacifica is really raising the bar for Nicaragua luxury and lifestyle operators. Their new website, La Vida Nica, showcases their professionalism in the vacation rental and concierge area. Check it out when planning your next trip to Nica.

In case you are still trying to come up with a New Year's plan, the crew at GP is also offering a holiday feast for "Año Viejo" on December 31st on the grounds of Gran Pacifica. With Waldorf Salad, Roast Lamb and plenty of champagne on the menu, this party is bound to become a welcome tradition for expats and locals alike in future years.

The party will take place at beachfront restaurant Tasca: http://www.tascaontheocean.com/

Buen provecho!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Golf Membership Special at Gran Pacifica

For all you golf aficionados out there, Gran Pacifica just announced an offer for lifetime golf memberships starting at only $12,000. Anyone can own a right to play golf at the new Pacifica Golf Club - sans greens fees and even if you don't own a property within Gran Pacifica. However, you can incorporate investment with a golf membership by contacting them directly.

This is the LAST CHANCE to buy a membership at these prices, as the course will open very soon and when it does the golf memberships will increase.

For further info contact Lennette@granpacifica.com and tell her Kristin sent you!

About Gran Pacifica: Gran Pacifica is located less than 1 hour due west of Managua on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua.

The sweeping mission of Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort is to create value through socially responsible development of real estate that promotes a higher quality of living for their partners and communities.

Their vision is to create high quality lifestyle environments in Nicaragua that appeal to the 100 million baby boomers who will retire over the next 15 years, who seek to live actively and well outside of the United States and North America. They strive to be the destination of choice for the 4.5 million North Americans considering living or owning property in Latin America, among them 500,000 U.S. retirees who currently receive their Social Security checks abroad.

Cheyne Cottrell enjoys one of many barrels in front of Gran Pacifica

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Surf Shop Hits Popoyo Area

Nicaragua expats vets Jeff Soderlind and friends at Surfari Charters Surf Camp in Las Salinas announced this week the opening of their new surf shop.

Says Jeff, "It's called the NICA SURF SHOP and we carry almost everything you could need - wax, leashes, tail pads, sunscreen, ding repair kits, fins, rash guards, spring suits, etc. We also have all the new Surfari gear in stock, including the new women's and children's line. If you're looking to rent, buy or sell boards this is the place to come. A list of our current boards for sale is attached so check it out if you're in the market for a new board. We have a large selection and the prices are great!"

To all of us who are familiar with the Popoyo area, any new surf shop is great news to our ears! There are so many waves in such a short radius, which can mean broken boards and leashes for the locals, travellers and guests at the many surf camps and vacation rentals in the area.

Thanks to Jeff and Surfari Charters for paving the way for future generations of surfers to enjoy the area of SW Nicaragua!

In case you thought it couldn't get any better, The shop also features high-speed wireless internet and they serve cold beers and fresh fish tacos....a perfect reason to swing in sometime and check it out.

Fish Tacos... Yum!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

France Cuisine, Cabinas and Babies Conquer Nicaragua

My good friends and clients, William and Xavier, are having a great year. Not only do they live in Nicaragua and own 7 sprawling acres of green, ocean view property, but they have nearly finished building the first phase of their new home, restaurant, cabins for rent, pool, pétanque pit and garden. IN ADDITION, William and girlfriend Julie from NYC, owner of Grande Voce real estate in Northern Nicaragua, just welcomed their new baby, Madeleine.

William and Xa are professional French chefs with a local reputations for learning how to surf in record time, infusing Flor de Caña rum with everything from vanilla to jalapeños and for having crafted possibly the best pizza recipe and cooking technique known to man. As soon as they are open for business I'll be sure to let everyone know!

Below are a few photos of their property under construction...


Traditional-style Floor of the Rancho

The first seedling of the garden!

Home for the first few months

Guard Shack

Construction Zone and a Heavy Duty Vehicle, there


...and a couple photos of the newest member of the expat family. Bienvenida Madeleine!

With the "happiest dad" William!

Uncle Xavier and friend Kevin