Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Where to Spend the Holidays in Nicaragua?

Wow ~ Gran Pacifica is really raising the bar for Nicaragua luxury and lifestyle operators. Their new website, La Vida Nica, showcases their professionalism in the vacation rental and concierge area. Check it out when planning your next trip to Nica.

In case you are still trying to come up with a New Year's plan, the crew at GP is also offering a holiday feast for "Año Viejo" on December 31st on the grounds of Gran Pacifica. With Waldorf Salad, Roast Lamb and plenty of champagne on the menu, this party is bound to become a welcome tradition for expats and locals alike in future years.

The party will take place at beachfront restaurant Tasca: http://www.tascaontheocean.com/

Buen provecho!


Ulrik Oldenburg said...

You are very talented and I will be following your blogs and updates!!! Keep up the good writing, Saludos, Ulrik

Costa Rica Retirement Vacation Properties said...

Indeed there are a lot of wonderful sights to be seen in the beautiful country of Nicaragua. The people there are welcoming and the food is something to look forward to. If ever you are in South America, do not forget to visit Nicaragua as well as Costa Rica and check out their beautiful real estate properties, just right for your retirement or relaxation.

Zach said...

Hey Kristin,

Ran across a comment left by you on Tim Ferriss's blog. Love the life you've put together and unfortunately I was one of those who fell prey to the doubts and guilt of others. It is truly amazing how people sort of resent you when you're successful. I'm on the road to not caring about it anymore as I read the 4HWW, thanks for being an example and if I had to choose for this year: Puerto Rico or Costa Rica?

Weopine said...

Was thinking of investing in a lot in gran pacifa but a little leery as build out seems very delayed. Is this still a viable project worth buying into? Whats the local gossip? Cant judge much from here in the states. Tks