Tuesday, December 1, 2009

France Cuisine, Cabinas and Babies Conquer Nicaragua

My good friends and clients, William and Xavier, are having a great year. Not only do they live in Nicaragua and own 7 sprawling acres of green, ocean view property, but they have nearly finished building the first phase of their new home, restaurant, cabins for rent, pool, pétanque pit and garden. IN ADDITION, William and girlfriend Julie from NYC, owner of Grande Voce real estate in Northern Nicaragua, just welcomed their new baby, Madeleine.

William and Xa are professional French chefs with a local reputations for learning how to surf in record time, infusing Flor de Caña rum with everything from vanilla to jalapeños and for having crafted possibly the best pizza recipe and cooking technique known to man. As soon as they are open for business I'll be sure to let everyone know!

Below are a few photos of their property under construction...


Traditional-style Floor of the Rancho

The first seedling of the garden!

Home for the first few months

Guard Shack

Construction Zone and a Heavy Duty Vehicle, there


...and a couple photos of the newest member of the expat family. Bienvenida Madeleine!

With the "happiest dad" William!

Uncle Xavier and friend Kevin

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