Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What's in a Name?

So many Anglo-Saxon names are difficult to pronounce to people’s native tongue in Español. Let’s face it, not as many first world tourists have problems pronouncing cerveza as locals here have saying the name Jimmy, for example; it comes out yim-nee.

Another case in point: Kristin (me) and Shannon (my sister).

Kristin:is commonly but butchered in the following way:

And Shannon…
Cha- know
Sha- whoa + many other variations we haven’t yet figured out how to put in writing. Thus, we’ve decided to alter our names: Kristin has become Kristina and Shannon converted to Shakira.

The results have been encouraging and deemed success as of yet, especially Shakira. Who doesn’t like this peppy, blonde, spiral curl head super star? Facers light up immediately when we introduce the former Shannon as Shakira. A glimpse of recognition flashes across their faces of if to say, “Hey, I know who Shakira is. I know you already!” Then, they get suddenly timid as they begin to ponder whether or not she really is the real thing. It’s a win-win, as they’re as happy they can pronounce our names as we are.

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